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        The property originally wood land’s II was owned by Madam Jeanne Mathilde Emilie Le Pelerine Durell ( Nee De Canville) French by birth and British subject by marriage. She was born in Valailles ( France ), she had one daughter Mimi who was settled in the United States of America and after her husband Mr. Durell a senior British Army Officer left and went back to the England. Our ancestors were the only family she had. We inherited this property from her. She lies buried on the estate. Wood Land’s II started from the present day Gethia Hospital up to the forest chowki, a stretch of about a km and half and more.
              Madam Durell’s private bungalow was built in the early 20’s what is now the official Govt. residence of the Chief Medical Superintend of the Gethia Hospital – she spent the major part of her very colorful, eventful, and flamboyant life here. She sold a part of this property including the bungalow to Dr.Kakkar, who setup a private chest institute in the late 30’s. Madam then moved on ahead of the estate and constructed a somewhat identical bungalow known as the Big House in the early 40’s and spent the remaining few years of her old age here. After her death, the estate with its vast amount of buildings and infrastructure went to ruins for want of maintenance and by and by the property was sold in small bit and pieces to a number of people. The Valley View Cottage is the only portion still retained.