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Nainital: Nestling snugly at an altitude of 1938m on the southern extremity of the Lesser Himalayan Zone of Kumaon. Nainital has emerged as a favourite travel destination of India today. It covers an area of 14.32 sq km. and is 34 Km from the Kathgodam, the nearest railway head. Nainital is surrounded by seven hills of which cheena peak is the highest - 2,611 meters. It is 4km from the lodge – 15 mins drive and about a 1 hour trek.

Kilbury: At an altitude of 2194 m and 10 km from Nainital town. An ecological paradise and a heaven for bird watchers and nature lovers. The beauty of Kilbury is the remarkable variation in the biological diversity with altitudinal variation. It has more than 80 species of trees, 17 species of animal and 27 species of birds as reported by the Forest department.

Pangooth: In close proximity to Kilbury is Pangooth hamlet and forest area it is a unique creation of mother nature it provides an indescribably beautiful and a breath taking picture of the forest.

Kunj Kharak: About 10Km from Kilbury this region is very rich in biodiversity. The misty hills, the sylvan surroundings, the towering Himalaya and the divine serenity weave a magical spell.

Hanuman Garhi: It is 1951 m in altitude and 3.22 Km from Nainital town. Hanuman Garhi is a religious center and a highly charged place. The temple of Lord Hanuman was constructed by the famous Neeb Karauli Baba.

Bhowali: It is 1706 m in altitude and 10 km from the Jungle Lodge. It is famous for its scenic grandeur and as a hill fruit mart. Bhowali is also famous for its T.B.Sanatorium where luminaries like Subhash Chandra Bose and Kamla Nehru wife of Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru were treated.

Bhimtal: It is 1218 m above the sea level and 20 km from the jungle lodge. The pride of Bhimtal is its lake, which offers magnificent vistas for the tourists. The sightseer drinks long at its enchanting beauty, the poets finds avenues of the inspiration and the painter thrills at the tempting prospects of his canvas.

Naukuchia Tal: It is at an altitude of 1219m and 26 km away from the lodge. A beautiful lake with its nine corners is a captivating site. The water is cool and inviting during the summers and swimming is a rare pleasure.

Sat Tal: It is located at an altitude of 1219 m and 20 km from the lodge. This spectacle of lakes has to be seen to be believed a paradise for the anglers and the swimmers. Sat Tal is a heaven for migratory birds.

Kainchi Ashram: it is 18 km from the jungle lodge on the Almora – Ranikhet road and has achieved spiritual recognition owing to the ashram and temple of the wonder Mystic of Northern India, Neeb Karauli Baba.

Kakri Ghat: Beyond Kainchi, on the Almora road is Kakri Ghat. Swami Vivekanand and Sombar Giri Maharaj meditated here.

Rani Khet: It is 62 km from the jungle lodge popular tourist destination all year around. Ranikhet is home to the famous, gallant kumaon regimental center.

Corbett National Park: Aptly called the land of the roar, it is the show piece of India’s wildlife conservation and a dream in reality. It is quietly ensconced at the foot links of the Himalayas. The pride of the Corbett National Park is the distinction of being the first National Park of India. It was established in the year 1935 under the United Provinces( U.P) national park act and was named as Hailey National Park after Sir William Malcom Hailey, an enthusiastic conservationist, who was at that time the governor of U.P. In 1957, the park was re-christened as the Corbett National Park. In the memory of Jim Corbett, legendary sportsman, great naturalist, eminent conservationist and prolific writer, who spent some of the best & happiest years of his life in Kumaon, Himalayas. The area of the park according to the park authorities is 1318.54 Km. The park is essentially a low valley. Over 50 mammals, 580 birds and 25 reptile species have been seen listed in the park. The Corbett National Park is about 85 Km from the lodge.

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